The Newest Trend in Dry Cleaning Solutions

Everyone needs dry cleaning. At one point or another, clothes are required to be pressed, primped, and polished, professionally. For this reason you can be sure that dry cleaning is not going out of style anytime soon. In order to keep up with the 21st century, the one thing that dry cleaning does need is a dry cleaners computer. Dry cleaning computer software allows businesses to stay as efficient as they can be.

What is dry cleaning computer software?

Dry cleaning computer software is a POS touch-screen system that allows users to control every aspect of their dry cleaning business. Dry cleaning software has been in use since 1999, but today it is Microsoft Word based and touch-screen compatible. Dry cleaning businesses can control cash, inventory, production, and more through the software. Other features include point of sale solutions, assembly manager, route manager, and technical support. With so many features you can be sure that dry cleaning computer software won’t leave your business our to dry.

Dry cleaning computer software- features

The most important part of a dry cleaning computer software is that it is cost-effective for employees, and efficient for clients. Most dry cleaning softwares will even include updates and ongoing maintenance, so that your business is always running smoothly. Dry cleaning computer software typically features: internal mail, an image library, secure employee access, prepay module, coupon analysis, lot control, thermal printers, and more.

dry cleaners computer.

Dry cleaning computer software- security

Your dry cleaning business should be just as secure as any other company. Dry cleaning computer software ensures employee and client information is safe. Credit card data is protected by end to end encryption with tokenization. This is meets PA-DSS requirements. Although credit and debit card information can be kept on file for future billing, the cardholder data can never be accessed. With dry cleaning computer software merchants can enjoy savings, while customers can enjoy security.