Why Surveillance Cameras Necessary

Go into any high-storied office block and modern apartment complex and if you are a visitor only, you will not be able to go any further until you have been cleared by the security desk. And whilst you wait patiently to be cleared, you are able to view without much effort the video surveillance cameras peachtree city ga installation. This is necessary to allow the security desk personnel to monitor a range of activities within and surrounding the entire multi-complex.

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Arrive at any gated community and you will go no further than the main gate. The manned pillbox is then obliged to seek clearance from within before lifting the boom and allowing you to proceed. While waiting for a few minutes to be cleared for entry to the walled residential or institutional complex, you and your entourage are being closely watched by video surveillance cameras, usually perched out of reach on the top of the wall or fence.

Go to a well-administered private hospital and you will see that the video surveillance systems in place are not only there for the safety and security of all hospital staff and patients but for the wellbeing of the patients. During visiting hours, strictly monitored, you will be able to see a video terminal stationed behind the reception counter. This allows the nursing sister on duty to monitor all patients in their open and private wards.

Walk down any street away from the downtown precincts and approach a small apartment block to visit a friend and you will be required to press the resident’s apartment button on the side of the main entrance door. And before your friend buzzes you in, she is able to confirm whether it is you or not through a video link stationed within her apartment.

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